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© Photo by Sofian Pelloquin

Katharina Arimont founded Galerie Arimont in March 2022, after years of activity in various fields of art and business - such as art curator, concepter, brand strategist and innovation consultant.

With her pop-up gallery concept, the art historian, who graduated in art history/philosophy at the Universities of Heidelberg/Lyon and museology at the École du Louvre Paris, combines her passion for in-depth exhibition curation with creative conception and strategic innovation development in cooperation with artists. 

Katharina Arimont's exhibition formats with Galerie Arimont focus on innovation topics as well as the possibilities and effects of new technologies on our environment and society.

Through art and artistic ways of thinking, she unfolds philosophical and socially relevant aspects and incorporates them in the development of innovations with art in strategy®, an approach she has developed for entrepreneurial marketing conception and innovation design. The aim is not only to change the artifact, but also the contexts in which each new artifact takes its place.

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