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Face it!
Who do you want to be?

Selected past exhibition project


With "Face it! Who do you want to be?" Katharina Arimont curated an exhibition at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz in 2019 around the film "Le visage que tu mérites/ The face that you deserve" (2018) by the internationally known director Cyril Schäublin. The film revolves around the human face. Like a mirror, this one reflects one's own way of life, serves as a mask for social conventions and as a symbol of the personal responsibility that each person bears for him- and herself and his/her own life. In his unmistakable style, which is characterized by an 'unapproachable immediacy' of the scenery and precise camera angles, Cyril Schäublin creates multi-layered aspects within the four minutes of "Le visage que tu mértites", which finds equivalents in works from the collection of the Ludwig Museum Koblenz, such as Andy Warhol, Jean Dubuffet and Pablo Picasso. Le exhibition was funded by the company Le Manoir Cream Manufactury and is part of the art in strategy® project "Le visage que tu mérites."

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