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Jens Joneleit
Original & Remix

Upcoming exhibition project

The remix, especially in music, is commonplace. It takes up existing songs, expands them with their own elements and changes them. But what makes a good remix that it doesn't sound like pure chaos?

The art is to feel the tempo of the song, its rhythm, its essence and its own elements in a differentiated way. elements in a differentiated way, so that they strengthen the character of the song on the one hand character of the song on the one hand and on the other hand opens up a new level, that reflects one's own style. If it is well implemented, a remix can make its listeners to rediscover the original and inspire them to enter into their own dialogue with the dialog with the respective work.


Good composers are masters of remixing, as is Jens Joneleit, who uses this technique not only in music, but also in painting. In this project the artist will interpret different artworks in different institutions. Coming soon  - stay tuned. 

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