Innovation in Photography
and Photographic Production 
Interdisciplinary Symposium with Guests from the Fields of Art, Economy and Philosophy

In the framework of the exhibition "Metaphysics of Core Matter
EMOP Berlin 2023 

What effects do new technologies and the use of resources have on our earth, our lives, in short, on our existence, both positive and negative? And how can artists provide innovation-promoting impulses for society and the economy? These questions will be explored by artist Silja Yvette and curator Katharina Arimont in a symposium accompanying the exhibition of Silja Yvette's photographic series "Metaphysics of Core Matter". In conversation with guests from the fields of art, business, and philosophy, reflections on sustainability will be discussed in an interdisciplinary context, and space for discussion and innovation will be opened up. This is intended to bring about a change not only in the artifact itself, but also in the contexts in which each new work of art takes up its position. At the same time, a debate on sustainability in photography is to be opened, because photo production and presentation often have a poor ecological footprint for various reasons and thus fatal effects on the environment, humans and animals.

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