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Currently: Jens Joneleit

Jens Joneleit is a painter, composer, musician, designer, innovator, screenwriter, director, writer and considered a multi-talent. In 2021, he "rethought Beethoven" and completed Ludwig van Beethoven's 10th Symphony, which the latter had only written down in outline before his death; a commission from the German Chancellery with performances at the DeSingel in Antwerp and then at the Berlin Philharmonie. And this is just one brilliant thing in the artistic life of Jens Joneleit with an incredible creative drive in all genres, especially painting. 

While in recent years it seemed to the outside world that composing had taken a dominant role in Jens Joneleit's artistic oeuvre, he was at the same time very busy continuing to paint. An excerpt of the works created during this very long, almost hidden creative period is now presented by Galerie Arimont as well as a museum exhibition cooperation developed together with the artist, which will take place in autumn/winter of this year. Furthermore, Jens Joneleit is working on an exciting product in the Galerie Arimont's Innovation Lab.