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It's all up to you
Doobie Doo Doo

Upcoming exhibition project

Jens Joneleits Fruit & Vegetables Series

Location and time will released soon

The Latin term "super partes," meaning "above the parties," embodies an approach that overcomes personal prejudices and limitations and is compatible with the idea of change. Silja Yvette and Jens Joneleit both embody this attitude - in a larger philosophical context, their art is consistent with the idea that change is inherent in the human experience. This philosophy of innovation implies a constantly changing approach to one's work. Discontinuity is an important aspect of their art, which they see not as an interruption but as a catalyst for creativity, and art is for them a reflection of the human spirit that transcends boundaries and encourages innovation. 

It is the unexpected twists, contrasts, and leaps in our human existence that give shape to Yvette and Joneleit's work - as a vision of chance, a rebellion against the mundane, and a perception of possibility where art is understood as a means to open new perspectives.

Galerie Arimont 

c/o Galerie Gesellschaft

Auguststraße 83

10117 Berlin - Mitte

Gallery Weekend 2023: 

Fri.: 6-9 pm, Sat.: 11-7 pm, Sun.: 11-6 pm

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